Stress Analysis of the Shore Pile of a Braced Cut Using Finite Element Method

Ashraful Tamjeed1*, Md Atiqur Rahman1, Md Manik Mia1, Md Isteak Reza2

Keywords: FEM, ANSYS, Braced Cut, Shore Pile

Abstract: This paper deals with the finite element analysis (FEA) of the Shore pile of earth retaining structure i.e. Braced Cut. Forces acting on the Braced Cut were investigated. An RCC section of adequate capacity was considered based on apparent earth pressure. Shore pile of Braced Cut was analysed by using a conventional theory of mechanics and finite element software (ANSYS.11). The stresses obtained from the FEA and analytical methods were compared. The conclusion was drawn, basically mentioning that the FEA was compared well with the analytical method and may be used as a tool for designing complex structures.



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