Investigation of Generalized Shallow Water Equation for Shock Wave and Abundant Solutions Using a Further Extended Tanh Method

Farjana Bilkis1*, Md. Emran Ali2, Wahida Zaman Loskor1, Samia Taher1, Nusrat Jahan1

Keywords: Nonlinear evolution equation, Further extended tanh method, Generalized shallow water equation

Abstract: Further extended tanh (FET) method is suggested in this communication for solving generalized shallow water equation (GSWE). Based on the symbolic computational software, a realistic nonlinear integrable equation, GSWE that arises, typically, in atmospheric and ocean modelling, was reinvestigated to see its geometric feature using the FET method. The shock wave, soliton-like, kink type and periodic-like solution were found to be obtained. It is observed that the energy concentration of different wave profile is depended on the coefficient to Riccati equation. The obtained results were found to be somewhat similar with some of that obtained in the previous studies.



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