Implementation of Private Blockchain in Smart Card Management System

Saha Reno1*, Md. Robaitul Islam Bhuiyan1, Mamun Ahmed1, M.A. Monyeem1

Keywords: private blockchain, permissioned blockchain, smart contract, proof of authority, smart card

Abstract: Nowadays Blockchain technology is adopted for various services by a good number of global companies. Blockchain technology ensures integrity of ledgers, privacy of transaction and authenticity of transactions without a centralized control actor.  In this paper, we are focused on using this technology in citizen identification system of Bangladesh. A Certification Authority ensures that the information which is not genuine and tempered is not added in our proposed decentralized network. One of the most preferable and suitable consensus algorithms for private Blockchain system known as Proof of Authority (PoA), is used to secure the mining process as every miner in the system are known entities, thus protecting the system from 51% attack, which is indeed a major drawback of the public Blockchain system. Once a block is mined and distributed across the network, no information could be deleted or modified and the system becomes counteractive against any fraudulent attacks.



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